eBike Sales & Service

We offer a wide variety of E-bikes that are suitable for leading a greener, and more stylish, way of living within an urban setting. We offer the most complete selection of eBikes available in Canada all with very attractive pricing.
Our priority is to provide our customers with the best experience possible — before, during and after the sale. Yes, we’ve looked hard to select great products. A good eBike is a significant investment—we understand. We believe you’ll see the difference in working with a shop dedicated to eBikes and with brands who are in it for the long haul.

eBike Parts

We specialize in the core parts for ebikes that you are looking for, parts such as Ebike batteries, Chargers, tires, tubes, brakes & throttles. Everything you are looking for, right down to the nuts and bolts of ebikes.
Our certified Ebike technicians understand the Ebike industry and the parts you will need most often. We have Ebike parts for emmo, gio, daymak,tao tao, volt Canada, motorino and all other makers and models.

eBike Storage

We ensure that your electric bike is stored and protected from both the weather and theft. Our bikes are stored in a separate storage facility from our offices and delivered directly to the customer.

eBike Batteries

We stands behind each premium quality battery for 1 year against defects and workmanship. To get the best performance from your batteries always charge your batteries after every ride. Lead acid battery performance and life will be diminished if they are constantly drained and not recharged promptly. In order to maintain the one year warranty, batteries must be kept from freezing and be charged when in storage every 30 days. Batteries that fail as a result of freezing or improper storage will not be covered under the warranty as it is a direct result of improper care not a result of workmanship or defect.